My style - with Agata, Jonasz and Bruno

When it comes to kids fashion, we often hear from bloggers, designers or mums, who tell us what to wear this season, what colour will be trend, what's in style etc. But what about the ones all this is about - the kids themselves? We decided to start a little series, called "My style", and ask children about their very own style. Today it is Agata from JJ and the bear blog, who shared some pictures of her two wonderful sons, Jonasz and Bruno. Here is how they look in their favourite outfits and what they think little lads should wear this season :-)

"Jonasz is fond of black&white clothes lately, and he needs to decide about everything in our house (he's very bossy), so he chooses clothes for his brother too. Those t-shirts are his favourite. He also likes hats likes that since last summer. I guess he loves the way everything changes its colours when he looks through. Fishes are his fav animals and he always grab things with that print. I think it's because of his name. So are bears Bruno's fav animal. I must admit I love it." Agata

Do you want to be part of our little series? Send your pictures of your kids in their favourite (self chosen) outfits to We can't wait :-)

Beatrix & Christina