London with kids - the Serpentine Pavilion

Have you ever thought of an exhibition that can be an art piece, a café and an entertainment for your kids? The Serpentine Pavilion 2015 in London has it all. The giant colourful wormhole is made out of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fluorine-based polymer and has been created by Spanish architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano to mark the pavilion’s 15th anniversary. You can enter and exit at a number of different points, passing through a corridor between the outer and inner layer of the structure. To make it even more attractive Fortnum and Mason has set up a small café inside, offering fresh salad, sandwiches, cakes and ice cream. Your kids will love exploring the rainbow tunnel all day long! Does it seem like a perfect place to visit for you too? It does for us!